Free Demo Registration

Registration Procedure to Open a Managed Forex Demo Account

To 'Try', we invite you to open a Demo account with a minimal capital of $15'000/25,000. There is no maximum limit as new client please first register a (MyFXChoice account) for access to the MyFXChoice area where you can then open a new Demo Account. To open your personal Demo account, please follow the few simple steps below:

Step 1 Go to:
Step 2 On the screen - at the top center - Click Tab (LOGIN)
Step 3 On the screen - at the top center - Click Tab (MyFXChoice)
Step 4 On the screen - down - CLick Tab (REGISTERED TO MyFXChoice)
Step 5 Simply fill in your details - All data is strictly confidential and it is not shared with third parties
Step 6 On completation Click Tab (REGISTER) and you will receive a sucessful registration confirmation from FXChoice
Step 7 After you have completed the registration you will receive via email, details of your MyFXChoice ID account number
Step 8 To fully activate your ID account you will need to login to MyFXChoice, Complete your Profile and upload following: Proof of Identification and Proof of Address, as requested
Step 9 On completation (Step 8) from your MyFXChoice account - CLick Tab (Open DEMO account)
Step 10 Simply fill in your details - Currency, Amount choice and Leverage (1/500 required)
Step 11 On completation (Step 10) - Click Tab (CONFIRM)
Step 12 After you hvae complete (Step 11), you will receive all the data of your Forex Demo Account and your MT4 Terminal download link from FXChoice to your supplied email address.
Step 13 Once detail of your Demo account have been established, please send them via email to This will enable us to add your Demo to our specialised trading software.
Step 14 Open your own MT4 Terminal and login with your access data supplied in (Step 12) and you can follow your Live Demo Account trading managed by Invest Trust.

We are offering a Free Demo account to all customers because at Invest Trust we truly believe (know) that our personal 'customized system' really works. Recently Paul"L" has opened a Demo account with only $15000 and made $13'000 profits by the end of the month. Can you do better than him? Try and see if you like it - there are no strings attached. For any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Should you wish to come on board and authorize Invest Trust to operate for you - simply click here



The shown performances are not guaranteed and can not be guarantee of the future performances due to the extreme volatility of the foreign currency market. Invest Trust (ITT) undertakes no responsibility for failure to meet the performances shown. (A Disclosure document is available). Forex trading involves the risk of loss of your funds as well as gains. Do not trade or provide for trading money which you cannot afford to lose. Past performance is not an indication of future results. Performance of individual clients will vary between accounts. Information contained within ITT is not to be regarded as investment advice, but for general information purpose only. As you must know, trading currencies does involve risk, so caution is always recommended. We cannot guarantee future profits or freedom from loss.