Registration Procedure to Open a Managed Forex Account

Minimum Invested capital $15,000. There is no maximum limit. Every investor must open a personal account at: Please follow the exact simple steps:

Step 1 Open with FXChoice a live trading Premium Account, in your name including the percentage of the available bonus.
Step 2 After you have complete the registration and supplied at least two personal ID documents.
(Your account will be verified and confirmed within 48 hours).

Note: For(Step 1 and 2) Invest Trust (ITT) will be able to register your correct Account with FXChoice directly facilitating the process by providing the following details direttament to:
  1. Full Name of Account Holder
  2. Full Residence Address
  3. Date and Place of Birth
  4. E-mail Address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Copy of Identity (DVL or PASSP) and Proof of Residence (U/Bill or Bk St)
Step 3 You will receive all the data of your Forex Account directly from FXChoice (MyFXChoice Login ID / Password, where you can do, payments or withdrawals, and with the access data to your trading account)
Step 4 Open MyFXChoice site with your ID and password, and you can now make a deposit into your account (following instructions in the Broker site)
Step 5 Open MyFXChoice with your ID and password, from there you can check that the funds were credit to your (Wallet) account.
Step 6 After the funds have arrived in your (Wallet) account, you can transfer your funds to your trading account number (given in Step 3). Follow web site instructions "Transfer Funds"
Step 7 Open your own MT4 platform from the FXChoice website and login with your access data of the trading account (User ID (login). Trader's password and Live Server. Server2): in order to verify that the funds have been transferred to the trading account., included with the additioned Bonus..
Step 8 After the funds are in your trading account, you can finally, contact us with your authority confirmation for Invest Trust to trade along with your account number and password details.

Profit sharing and performance fee will depend on your invested capital. See Table below:

Your Investment Capital Profit Sharing Performa Fee
(Excluding Bonuses) YOU INVEST TRUST
15,000$ - 100,000$ 50% 50%
101,000$ - 500,000$ 60% 40%
501,000$ - 999,999$ 70% 30%
>1,000,000$ 80% 20%

Profit sharing will be executed every month. You can view your account status and make deposits/
withdrawals by logging into your account. An immediate payment to us must be made on presentation
of our e-mailed invoice.



Accepting Invest Trust (ITT) Managed Account Services you are in agreement of the Terms and Conditions of the Disclaimer Notice.. "Disclaimer"


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(Example: Initial paid Capital of $15,000
Trading Capital of $30,000)

*subject to availability